Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Crimeny, was that just Icie Thursday cam-warping to Stonehenge, whilst balancing on one leg on the stoop of her Bedsit Exterior?
Those of you who already have a W.I.T.S. console know all about our many nifty features but for those who ain't in the loop... Did yah ever just want to look and port? I mean really all this messing about with keys, opening of doors, coordinates, clicking things, getting the old engines in gear--it takes up precious seconds, dunnit?

Wouldn't it be a easier to just look at your destination and woosh, BE THERE? Yet, still retain the dignity of arriving in Tardis!  I mean you don't even have to worry about spilling your drink or mussing your elaborate coiffure--my chief concerns.

Thankfully, the fine craftsmen at Who Island Timeline Systems include in every TCC/HUD* the ability to CAM WARP! Just think, materialize your Tardis wherever your camera is panned. In other words:. LOOK AND GO! With practice this will become a favorite and most exhilarating method of teleporting in sim.

So, next time you need to get from one end of a sim to the other, just warp on over with a hearty BAMFF! (Sorry, couldn't resist a Nightcrawler allusion).

*This means the Smith Sonic Screwdriver HUD as well, peeps! The W.I.T.S. Sonic allows full control of your Tardis, if yah didn't know!

Although I have featured a few of the following in prior posts, just wanted to remind you that we have some lovely NEW exteriors (as well as our sexy older ones) in the W.I.T.S. Line.

Take a Look-Take a See! And get yours via the W.I.T.S. Main-store or Who Island Mall!

For the incognito time traveler!

Ever feel like you've been given the shaft? Not in this baby!
Victorian elegance: timeless.

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