Sunday, August 22, 2010


When most of Europe lay spent and weakened from the manic frenzy that was Doctor Who: Podshock 2010, the die-hards and those in the Western Hemisphere got to continue the party on Who Island at New New York's Sexy Stage - Event Area! Since it was well past prime time we turned it up a notch with caged dancers, half dressed time ladies, Fire Island Flirting and kick ass tuneage provided by DJ AFK hisself: Tristan Avedon!

We would like to thank the merry pranksters of Katrina for asking us to take part in Doctor Who: Podshock Meet Up and for showing up when they had ought to be in their jammies! Hats off to Victor1ist, Nodster, EzY, et. al. and those guests who visited and boogied down in New New York this Saturday night!
Come back Next Year, Yuh Heeyah!

Our congrats go to Icie Thursday (who won easily over EZy) the  "who can have airborne to put this delicately....simulated face the highest elevation" contest. The prize is to be determined, but the honor is HUGE!

Note to the wonderfulGallifreyan Embassy and Podshock People (whose podcasts you all need to go and download NOW and to whom I will no doubt frighten to death at Gallifrey One next year.)
THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT GREAT WHOVIAN BROADCASTING! That being said: You are not responsible/affiliated with or owe for damages in relation to any mayhem and spirited hi-jinx at our first Ever Podshock: the Aftershock Party.

ALL KIDDING ASIDE, enjoy the photo essay...thanks to Icie for the nice psychedelic night shots so much cooler than mine. : D

Wasn't The Stage All Pretty-like?
Ah you naughty W.I. Pranksters...gimme back my taco stand! OK, I get cranky when my TACO is mistreated, doesn't every girl? Of course, this nice gent was only sampling some delish snacks & ice lollies!
At the helm stroking the sliders and pushing all the right buttons was our own D.J. T.A. (and you thought the A.F.K. moniker was bad!)
Oh No-not him again!
Hey Icie, lookit what Zoe caught!
You want stacks--our stage was STACKED.

Even the Faerie Folk came to visit. No, I am not talking about the rough trade on the dance floor!

Did I mention the part about hot ladies making out?

Honorable mentions go to Weedy for his punk/gangsta/kosher dawg flyness
and to the Chronometrist Twins for tireless go-go jiggling!
By 11pm PDT they still wouldn't leave, so we had to irradiate them and send them packing!

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  1. looked like a fun time, tried to move around the stage that night but got slapped by lag faster then a dalek chasing a one legged time lord in a snowstorm;)