Monday, September 30, 2013

cricket cricket....

Well folks, Ole Nyxie is still not able to access SL due to not just going out and buying a new laptop but instead relying on old desktop and new tablet, both of which do not support
Second Life. I suspect a lot has happened while I've been away. I am sure there is still a WITS and the old Who Island Groups but I am not sure if Eutopia sim is still around. it is a difficult time in world for many of the Who Sims and SL in general. So if the info on the masthead is misleading, I apologize. I hope to see you all in world again real soon, but life responsibilities and business take precedent at the moment.

Perhaps in a month or so?

In the meantime, may we all look forward to Nov. 23rd, endings and new beginnings.

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