Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last Saturday was Second Life's Meetup-Doctor Who: Podshock Party in celebration of the 5th anniversary of  Doctor Who: Podshock and the 25th anniversary of The Gallifreyan Embassy! As always Victor1st Mornington and Co. hosted 6 hours of Whovian (& related) sim tours and the biggest Doctor Who fan party in-world at The Doctor Who Experience and Cardiff!

Your roving girl-reporter stopped by between prepping for our own Who Island Aftershock Party and pretending to work in First Life, with a firm finger on the snapshot button.

What follows will give you a taste of the awesome SHOCK N ROLL that ensued.

Yep, I take good pitchas of backs, but didn't my hair look nice!

One can only wonder where the obviously "happy" 4th Doctor learned this particular move.

All I can say is  that was not a sonic in his pocket -- unless he happens to own two and one is a Smith. Hey! is that the 9th Doc doing a silly walk on the far left?
And then? things began to get Due to the full sim and my erratic dancing--if not the possibility that the fella with the scarf had slipped me a rufie--I crashed a couple of times and so had to keep the graphics to a dull roar...but I hope you get a touch of the good times that were had by all. A special nod to DJ Pearce for his cheerful mix of "eclecticity." And a special nip twist to my tall, totally encased in body armor, Dystopian dance partner (who was AFK the entire time I attended). I think we're engaged.

Many things were in the sky, alien craft, dalek mutha ships but nothing is more menacing than a badly wrought Atraxi beach ball to head butt!
 And for those who missed this year's festivities, all I can truthfullly say is 

Stay tuned for more decadence captured on screen shot at Who Island's 1st
Podshock:Aftershock Party!
*Pinching of photos for Nods' Nefarious blogging purposes expressly..allowed!*

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