Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Okay, so I've been busy watching

old episodes of the Mighty Boosh (click and watch, you won't regret it!) and haven't made a blog post in days & days!
But don't think Ole New New York/Who Island is ever completely out of my mind--just back in the dark corners where the squirrels run free.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Dog Days of  Summer or the hustle and bustle of being back in school again. As Fall looms so does FUN in world. If you are a hunt fan, look out for all of those SPOOKY Hunts and just a day away....Steam the Hunt 3. I mention Steam Hunt here because there is some delightful overlap between steampunkery and Doctor Who. So for all of you HG Wells/Wooden Console Room types out there, Happy Hunting! WHO knows perhaps SL will see another Whovian Hunt in future...a girl can dream.WINK WINK!

Oh and if you get this blog early,
There’ll be a marvelous kick-off party for STEAM: the Hunt! “3″ on Tuesday evening, 31st August, from 6-8 PM SLT at the newly renovated HMS Rustbucket now located in Mieville Twain!

on a more Whovian note: the folks planning Gallifrey One (2011) in Los Angeles are busy adding guests, selling memberships and planning exciting panels. I was recently asked what I'd like to see as a panel at a Doctor Who Convention (why strange people ask me  these questions I'll never know- ). I came back with the inclusion of popular music and the use of music in general in the Who Series (out of sheer panic). BUT WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON A PANEL AT A CONVENTION? Would it have something to do with Second Life and our Whovian community here? If you are on Facebook add the Gallifrey One page and suggest away...

Enough of all that what about more exciting news like, I dunno, RP on Who Island, a Spooky October Sale Console, Haunted Who Island??, new exciting features in upcoming W.I.T.S. Products, entertainment for the masses in New New York...Oh Darn, I'm jumping too far ahead now--you'll just have to wait for the formal announces! GRIN!

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  1. Love old Mighty Boosh episodes. They are hilarious.