Thursday, July 15, 2010


Need an inexpensive way to travel through time, space and dimensions? Don't rent or own land to rez a skybox? Already have a TARDIS but wouldn't mind a secondary? Or maybe you'd just like to convert any structure into one? Then W.I.T.S. PODIUM console is for you!

The Podium Console is a fast and low cost alternative Time Travel Capsule (TTC) interior/exterior. Sleek and steam-lined, it makes any room a fully featured console. Its space aged texture may even be modified to match your home decor. Comes with a nifty low prim Smith police box and you may add any of the W.I.T.S. exteriors you wish!

Console is an amazing 13 prims only
Exterior is 16 prims-perfect for the prim conscious.

Please note that the console uses the hud to rez your TTC exterior on teleporting, there is no need for rezzer pads and it can travel anywhere on the SL Grid where object rezzing is allowed.

Owner only lock..
Cloister Bell toggle..
Main door and External monitor operated via levers/switches
Shields fitted to exterior, operated via the hud and interior, clear a space outside your exterior..
Distance sensitive enter and exit, you have to be practically inside the exterior before it will let you enter (role play purpose and improves the effectiveness of the shield)..
Sim and Avatar Scanner..
External microphone, for use if the exterior is rezzed and the doors are closed, it will relay one sentence typed by the operator of the mic only, it will then reset to off..
Power on and off..
Flight controls..

What's all the Hub-bub, Bub?

Here's a look at the hub from a Podium door. Tenants are allowed 23 prims (including the Podium console) for a mere 100L a week. Not to mention use of the common area and mingling with scintillating neighbors.

Halloween Jack Stardust thinks the convenience and low cost of the hub
on Who Island is "...pretty, pretty far out, Man!"

The Podium Console is avail in the W.I.T.S. Main-store on Who Island.
All rental inquiries to Tristan Avedon please.

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