Tuesday, July 13, 2010

News of New New New...York

The week started uneventfully with a casual housewarming party for your editrix, Nyx, who is taking up residence in a larger parcel with scenic views of the seaside. BP denies any involvement, but I have my suspicions.

As the evening progressed, however, another shocking attempt was made by the High Council to capture the renegade, Tristan Avedon, for his crimes of repeated loitering and having romance novel cover hair.

Once encapsulated high above the harbor he was harassed by robotic cats who whizzed him with lasers and rained boulders down upon him.

Throughout the ordeal Avedon remained surprisingly unruffled. In fact, he looked especially dashing and debonair.

Much to the crowd's relief?, an unidentified man materialized within his prison cell intent on liberating him. Had the crafty Avedon been expecting this all along?

Due to the PG-13 rating of this blog...we can not show you close ups of what occurred there after, suffice it to say the unidentified man was sent by the Torchwood Institute.

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