Thursday, July 15, 2010

YES, we're open!

The W.I.T.S. main-store in New New York/Who Island is open for business with updated product info!

Every few days I will post some of W.I.T.S. choice products. Here are a few low prim models to get you yah going...presumably to the shop with spare lindens. To preview our products in world click on the tp pad with the W.I.T.S. logo in the main-store, option: Demo. 

The  Type 40 Console is a low prim and low cost alternative Time Travel Capsule (interior/exterior). Brought to you from the designing mind of  Koschei Yuhara.

The console is 142 prims and has a 20x20 meter footprint (approx) Exterior is 14 prims.  Please note that our consoles use the hud to rez your TTC exterior on teleporting, there is no need for rezzer pads and it can travel anywhere on the SL Grid where object rezzing is allowed.

        Owner only lock..
        Cloister Bell toggle..
        Main door and External monitor operated via levers/switches..
        Shields fitted to exterior, operated via the hud and interior, clear a space outside your exterior..
        Distance sensitive enter and exit, you have to be practically inside the exterior before it will let you enter (role play purpose and improves the effectiveness of the shield)..
        Sim and Avatar Scanner..
        External microphone, for use if the exterior is rezzed and the doors are closed, it will relay one sentence typed by the operator of the mic only, it will then reset to off..
        Power on and off..
        Flight controls..

If you like the look of the type 40, you may also be interested in the flipside, Koschei Yuhara build:  

The Dark Wanderer Console TCC (interior/exterior). 
This evil twin console is 123 prims and has a 20x20 meter footprint (approx) Exterior is 14 prims. It has all the same bells and whistles as above. : )


Love type 40's and can spare a few extra prims?
Then the Snazzy Type 41.5 Console is for you!

The Type 41.5 Console, designed by Ashara, is 169 prims and
has a 16x16 meter footprint (approx). Exterior is 28 prims.

Ditto on the same features as above!

Stay tuned for the Habitat review & see prior for other TCCs and goodies from W.I.T.S like the Clockwork Tardis, E.V.A. and the Podium.

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  1. Nice features, easy to setup and use (comparable to a HoO and NLS) and best of all low prims!!!. The habitat is excellent for those wanting a tardis home (additional rooms) w/o the added prims! highly recommened WITS capsules!