Tuesday, July 27, 2010

W.I.T.S. Classic Exteriors...

Yes W.I.T.S. has some exciting new exteriors at the moment but what about those classic models? Here are a few reminders...
Feeling like some nefarious politician or just the master or mistress of your world? Then "Hariot's Den" will fit the bill. Woah, I'm having a flashback from The Prisoner!
Ever want to materialize in someone's backyard or the neighborhood park and NOT destroy their shed or get mistaken for a portapotty? The Tree is Eco-Friendly and comes with it's own swing! 
 Pepsi Cola Hits the Spot, 12 full ounces that's a lot!
 The Egyptian PB...low prim & exotic, perfect for raiding a tomb or two in search of alien technology. Take that Sutek! (I will never fear to make a 4th Doctor reference...rest assured)

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