Thursday, July 29, 2010

More W.I.T.S. classic exteriors...

More fine products by the W.I.T.S. crew. See them in the prims at the W.I.T.S. demo rezzer in the main-store in New New York/Who Island. 
If you live on the way way other side of the pond, you probably weren't aware that Police Boxes are still in use in the U.K. Of course they may look a bit different, but if you need to make that emergency call next time you are abroad in Yorkshire... (Hey it could happen, I always wanted to have some deep fried skate in Hull.)

The Tech TTC-Futuristic yet retro = Super Cool!
The Garden Shed TTC
Be the envy of your neighbors with this nifty yet useful garden shed & water pump (though I store whiskey in mine).
However, if a TARDIS crashes into your backyard, W.I.T.S. does offer alternative housing.

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