Monday, August 2, 2010

W.I.T.S. presents The Librarian Console/TTC!!

 The Librarian designed by Ashara

Console is 175 prims and has a 20x30 meter footprint (approx).
Exterior is 15 prims.

As I haven't posted the general features about W.I.T.S. consoles/TTCs in a while, here yah go!

Please note that W.I.T.S. consoles use the hud to rez your TTC exterior on teleporting, there is no need for rezzer pads and it can travel anywhere on the SL Grid where object rezzing is allowed. In some cases where the area is group only rezzing you will need to set the hud to that group.

        Owner only lock..
        Cloister Bell toggle..
        Main door and External monitor operated via levers/switches
        Shields fitted to exterior, operated via the hud and interior, clear a space outside your exterior..
        Distance sensitive enter and exit, you have to be practically inside the exterior before it will let you enter (role play purpose and improves the effectiveness of the shield)..
        Sim and Avatar Scanner..
        External microphone, for use if the exterior is rezzed and the doors are closed, it will relay one sentence typed by the operator of the mic only, it will then reset to off..
        Power on and off..
        Flight controls..

        Self destruct keypad
                key in your own code. Use to completly remove your console room.
        Lockable extention doors.
                click and hold for 30 seconds to lock/unlock.
        Help button.
                clicking will show what each control does.

Here is another shot of the interior showing off some of the artwork....ah, I recall the Doctor had a fondness for a certain lady attached to the French court.  And no, it ain't Marian, the cranky librarian--she and the demo rezzer panel are not included by the way--which reminds me, why  not check out the W.I.T.S. main store Demo Rezzer and see for yourself what lurks behind the secret door?
Besides the extra rooms, The Librarian comes with a shelf in the round exterior. See below. Pretty sweet, eh?
Of course, books and brick-a-brack do get dusty. For a nominal fee I will be happy to oblige...but I don't do windows!

ADD-ONS & OTHER EXTERIORS....if you like what you see but don't have room for an additional console (at the moment) or want more than one exterior that may serve, perhaps the following will interest your taste for fine wood paneling.  NOTE: these items do not come with the above Librarian Console/TTC. Got it? Good!

The Library ADD-ON ROOM  will enhance any and every W.I.T.S. console that needs a place for an easy chair and a good read. Pipe and slippers optional.

Want another exterior that looks good with the Librarian? How's about W.I.T.S. Victorian Glass Police Box, a band new design by Nickademus Jarvinen?  We've got Victoria's secret sussed.

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