Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet our latest edition to Who Island....

 Yes, it's Flossie the Sheep! She's been spotted over-grazing on the  Island just east-ish of New New (etc.) York, amidst some prehistoric ruins built over a hidden chamber rumored to imprison a particularly dangerous fellow...or hot Scottish chippy....dressed for Rio....

What spooky chamber lurks beneath Stonehenge? And who's terribly realistic Pandorica awaits to entrap you--not to mention a shop full of  Whovian Goodies and whatsits?

Why it's our newest resident cum mad scientist: Nodster Tardis!
He's too sexy for that shirt....
but a spanking new, Kaled Dalek avatar would sort him right out!

Better visit this branch of Dalekanium & Temporal Architects soon before the owner of the blue box overruns the place with Roman Legions and/or aliens hordes.
This may just get you there and when you arrive, click the sign to tp to the shop!

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