Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SL Sci Fi Con 3!

W.I.T.S. will be showcasing this weekend at the Second Life Science Fiction Convention 3!

(SLSFC3) is being held on the weekend of July 9, 2010 beginning at noon PST through July 12, 2010 ending at midnight PST. It will be held on the islands of Platinum, Iridium,
Rhodium and Palladium on Second Life

Come visit us in Amy's Backyard in the PLATINUM SECTION.

This convention is part of the 2010 Relay for Life season to raise money for the American Cancer Society! Accessing Second Life and attending the convention is free to the general public.

The sponsors are Battlestar Galactica: The Twelve Colonies, Battlestar Galactica 99: Warstar Athena, Babylon 5 Universe RPG, the Museum of Robots, the Space Junkies, Galaxy Fleet Command and the International Federation of Trekkers Sci-Fi Alliance.

Activities & Events:
- Booths
- Clubs
- Demos
- Shops
- Games
- Contests
- Trivia
- Prizes

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