Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where were you for WHO....FEST 2010?

Rose got all kinds of swag during the Hunt--hope she pulled that Angel's finger!

Two recent events helped introduce New New York to the public: our popular, in-house "What Would the Doctor Do?" HUNT and this year's stupendously fab WHOFEST.

WWDD (6/18-6/27/10) Those of you who got to scramble around dissecting wickedly tricky quotes in search of hidden tp points, only to end up getting an extra thorough cam-session inside an A.N. or W.I.T.S. TARDIS know that the the Hunt Gifts were well worth the effort. Daleks, Interiors, Exteriors, I-Pods & Cams, Sonics and all sorts of goodies were scooped up in this fun, first-ever, Whovian themed Hunt.

This year Who Island got to host 3 raucous concerts over WhoFest Weekend:
RUSH, NineInchNails & PEARL JAM!
Perhaps you were one of our madly dancing, semi-clad attendants...or musicians.

For those who missed it or wish to re-live the debauchery, a free commemorative photo book is available in the W.I.T.S. main-store on Who Island.

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