Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Think you've seen it all? Think again....

... Outside those doors, we might see anything. We could find new worlds, terrifying monsters, impossible things. And if you come with me... nothing will ever be the same again!"

Thanks to Who Island's resident Time Vixen & W.I.T.S. designer, Ash, for graciously providing the following overviews. Inquiring minds NEED to know!

W.I. Timeline Systems TTC features:

Power on and off.

Flight controls.

Owner Only Lock:
Lock your console against unwanted button pressers.

Cloister Bell Toggle:

In dire emergencies this alarm bell comes in handy.


Shields fitted to exterior, operated via the hud and interior, clear a space outside your exterior.

Distance Sensitive Enter and Exit:

You need to be practically inside the exterior before it will let you enter (role play purpose and improves the effectiveness of the shield.

Sim and Avatar Scanner:

Gives information about sim you have landed in and any avatars near your exterior (exterior must be rezzed in the sim to show avatars near).

External Microphone:

For use if the exterior is rezzed and the doors are closed, it will relay one sentence typed by the operator of the mic only, it will then reset to off.
In the TTC Hud you can also:


Materialize your TARDIS wherever your cam is panned. With practice this will become a favorite method of teleporting in sim.

Set Defaults:

Choose exterior, console room and method of tp, map/link.


Open and close your exterior with a flick of your fingers.

Get Location:

Create your very own teleport list, any sim with build and scripts enabled.

Each console room differs from each other. examples: door controls, lights, and special effects specific to that console while retaining all the features you are accustomed to.

New Releases in the vendors now:
Clockwork Console -- Ashara Kiranov
Bubble Console -- Ashara Kiranov
and coming soon: The Eleventh hour!
To see all of our existing products, pop over to the Island's main-store.

The Clockwork Console room was designed by Ashara and caters to the steampunk/Jules Verne minded Timelord/Lady. It is stylish with many rotating cogs which caused Gazz, our scripter, many hours of grief to script. It has all the standard features and includes our new secure destruct code keypad using a 4 number code set by the owner. A few other little touches scattered around the console are a ringable bell and a pump that releases steam when the limit is reached. It weighs in at 237 Prims on a footprint of 20x20, the layout is that of an hourglass and comes with the Smith TTC. At 1500L$ it is a fine timepiece for any Timelord/lady.
Coming Soon-Stay Tuned!
Smith Console -- Lyssa Starsmith
Type 40 -- Ashara Kiranov
Smith Sonic Screwdriver -- Gazz Otoole

E.V.A --Ashara Kiranov....The First Ever Free Console!

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