Monday, February 18, 2013

Gally One Recap in Pitchas

I will post links to video of panels and such via youtube but as usual I like taking FAN pictures. This year I was only able to go to the con 2 days as many other events were going on in LA this past weekend BUT it was a splendid, to capacity crowd con with delightful guests: Sylvester McCoy was a joy. So, enjoy the silly pitchas....
My spoils--this year it was jewelry and ribbons and a signed hedgehog.
First cute tote bag sighting
LOBBY CON, the night before the con officially starts gets...

as crowded as some conventions on peak days!
Not only can you plan your schedule strategy for the next 3 days...
but you can meet and greet your TRIBE...
shut the world out....
drink cocktails or coffee in the atrium (I had both)...
harass your mom....
and most importantly, get your 6 foot ribbon chain started!!!
I, of course, ran into a friend in the ladies room (Is it Gwen?? OMG, Romana!)
Meanwhile my co-writer succumbed to
atirst jelly baby that gets you hooked.

At the Con-proper, TARDIS BLUE attire was de rigueur.

Brigadier was beset with beauties, that sly fox. Also a very nice gent with a proper Brit accent.

We won't tell his con companion Sarah Jane!

And now for something scary!

T-shirt and  jewelry look day 2.
Most amusing merch award goes to!
The dealers room was bigger than ever. 
YET it wasn't all about crass consumerism!

In the line awaiting TARDIS CONSOLE pictures...but until then, there was always Police Box shenanigans!

HERE IT IS....Obviously Romana understands there is a mad-woman at the controls. 

No, I am not channeling Yvonne DiCarlo!

Uh Oh, time to look busy!

No idea who this gent with the Northern accent was, but he was too cute not to snap!

In the con suite for a nice relaxing post panel break.....we mixed girl scout cookies with....

a flask of  medicinal aperitif. Tippling before 2pm? As in world, so in life.
Another kewl  tote bag sighting and a most xlnt River outfit--check out those shoes!

Back to the con 2.5.

Hmm, what's so odd about a scowling Baker and a grinning Pertwee?
 Never you mind as the day went on the giddiness escalated!
Hot Centurians improve the signing line.
2 bits 4 bits 6 happy ganger.

Lots of Souffle Girls, but this was the cutest.
Hey Tristan, what are you doing here?? 
Mohawk Stetsons are KEWL!
If you haven't guessed this party was themed for ATown Called Mercy!

50 shades of scarf.
Ladies room warning.

A few more pictures will be sent over via friends.....but this about covers it in a nutshell! I defer all panels to you-tube posts done better than my camera ever could!

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