Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi WITS Friends, your faithful blog mistress is still MIA due to real life responsibilities. However, I do want to remind you all to check your W.I.T.S. notices regularly as there are plenty of new things coming up the pike or is that down the pike? Hmmmmnnn... Anyway, did you all get your Xmas prezzie exterior graciously supplied by Ashara? If not go into the Who Island Group Profile page, click on past notices and get yours today before it disappears.

The Who Island Calendar plans have been put on hold for a bit but they will appear in future, stay tuned to announcements from in world staff.

If anyone in world will be attending the Gally One Convention at the Los Angeles Airport Marriot in February and would like to join me for a cocktail and a howdee-doo, please drop me a notecard in world,
(Nyx Malaspina) and I plan to attend each day and look forward to meeting SLifers anytime.  Currently the convention is SOLD OUT< yes, it's true--you mention Arthur Darvill and Freema Ageyman and the ravenous hordes descend.  However if you go to the website you will find out more info re: folks who can not attend  trading their tickets. For all the latest news go HERE

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