Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thurs & Fri at Gally 1 #23 in Los Angeles

Yes, it's that time of the year again...time to put on your corset and head off to GALLY ONE #23 in L.A.!

This was the Thursday night pre-check in line...and I thought I'd arrived early!

Triumphant Whovians brandishing thier 3 day passes to con and then off to...

Lobby Con and drinks at the bar (that was my destination, of course).

7pm Thursday night and the parties lasted into the wee hours or so I heard...
I should have brought a Sharktopus like this lassie...I had ribbon envy for sure.

Nothing says Who-con like an imperial dalek.

Her cybermat had no teefs but I still didn't like the way it looked at my neck.

There were Sarahs....
and slightly blurred doctors pointing me to...
the sanctum sanctorum.

How come no one told me my bustle was so big?

True Dalek Composure.

couldn't escape the child cuteness, gosh dang it.

Dealer's Room Doins.

 First River of the Con....

Him too Coot....I want one.

First Leela of the con.

No tea??

First IDRIS OF THE CON and some guy.

Real Leela of the con (most of my panel shots didn't come out but I'll post good ones from others soon).

Another one of those Doctor/Companion mash ups.

Best shoes of the far.

Who needs doubler Amys when you got...well, maybe not.

Tristan's peeps were there..I tried to steal a button without success...damn, watchful nerds.

Now you know what the kitchen looks like in the TARDIS.


it must be Gally at the Marriot.

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