Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday at Gally One 2012

in more pitchas....I actually had to leave a bit earlier than I'd planned but I still managed to get way too many shots of my fave thing....the hall peeps.... I will direct you to panel celebs et. al. via others much better photography skills and zoom lenses.

Will add pithy comments laterzzzz.

Elevator going up? This young lady had a cute pet.
Daleks to the right, Daleks to the left..
Daleks on your head?
'Ware the knitting Whovians and their odd machinations.

Just put these here to make EZY drool.
Okay builders whip this tool box up.
Best jacket cuz...
best lining.

Best looking, sounding, age range River and she even smelled nice!
This is the designer of the best Idris look, see her blog.

Best corseted 5th.
Look, MY PEEPS!!!

Rani - tude, in your face, little man!

I so wanted these outfits...sigh.

Matron sez: Meowrrr. box...nearly best low tech & ACE.

best low low low tech.
Can you tell we just donated blood?
No one wants the lemon, do they....but the lime are worse!
Cute tee!

How comes guys make this face...

when I ask them to pout sexy for the camera?

Much better as a Romana than a Sarah Jane I think.
uh oh...time police...look busy
Why no Amy's? Well, this was the most orange and youngest.

and of all the 100's of girls in bad red wigs, this  was my choice as BEST AMY EVER... ;).
no comment

Just couldnt' get all my ribbons in 2 shots but here's some of the swag I dumped out of my purse yesterday.

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