Monday, November 21, 2011

Stocking stuffers cuz dammit only 5 weeks til Xmas....

If you have to stretch your pennies &/or Lindens this year: WITS & Who Island have an assortment of lower priced goodies available. SEE THE 6 PACK BELOW--now that's a bargain! The 11TH Doctor's Sonic replacement Hud is a steal for only 300L,  not to mention the SONIC ADDON PACKS 1 & 2: featuring the Victorian and the Macabre sonics or the Pertwee and the Baker sonics for only 100L per set, or how's about of them Power Cell thingummys (at only 50L) to enhance your role play experience?

And we do have the lowest priced PRO LINE TTC: The Melody- which sells for a mere 499L and goes to the Kinder Help Children's Charity. Speaking of STUFFING A STOCKING, you can ALWAYS prove your love of Who Island by picking up Gallifreyan Male Pictorial Magazine (SEXY shots of your fave SL Time Lords) and the Time Tarts 2011-12 Calendar (SEXY shots of your fave SL Time Ladies/Companions) for a donation of 50L each. (You can find the pay posters for those on the porch of the WITS main store on Who Island or contact Nyx Malaspina or Tristan Avedon for gift copies--we hand deliver!)

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