Monday, November 21, 2011

35 Dollahs and a Six Pack to my name....

spent the rest on these amazing new WITS exteriors, sure to bring on that Holiday Spirit and/or BUZZ!

From the ebill mindz of Ashara and Angelus, we unabashedly present: a 6 pack of exteriors for your WITS Pro System!

The real booze is in the pub! The real boozer is outside!
6 Pro line TTC exteriors: Jim Beam Black Label, Jim Beam White Label, Jack Daniels, Red Bull, Duff Beer and the mysterious SLURM are all available in convenient pop top forms. Yes, Beta Tester Angelus wished really hard and his dreams came true--and so can yours Just stagger over to the WITS main store on Who Island or an affiliate vendor near you and get six exteriors for the low price of 500L. And remember to operate your time and space machine RESPONSIBLY.

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