Thursday, September 1, 2011

ebil sl meshness & stuff.

Not that mesh is truly evil....but the switch over made it difficult for many of us to even move and log in to SL. V2 is still treating me like persona non grata, which explains the wee bit of a delay getting nice images of WITS new products on this blog...we have such lovely things popping up every day that a gel can't keep, I suggest ye get yourself to the WITS Store on Who Island to make sure you've not missed any........(what sort of bizarre brogue am I typing in--YIKES!).

Reverse--start again. So like, Dudes and Dudettes, check out the totally bitch'n ass and gnarly stuff from WITS below. NOW AVAIL AT WITS STORES AND AFFILIATES. CHECK ALL OUT AT THE WHO ISLAND MAINSTORE-WOOT WOOT!~

Totally Far Out and Spacy and now PRO!

Powered up and ready for action thanks to Ashara & Gazz!
The Librarian Exterior goes PRO!
and NOW for something elegant to materialize in.

Ezzy kicks A and takes names with the canon coolness!
The original Sonics, don't leave the universe without your Pertwee or Baker screwdriver!

Ro enables our Anglophile tendencies, the saucy piece!

More Sonics.....and they match all my outfits! Squeeeee!
Each exterior, Pro and Sonic pack come with the 1.5 extra bells and whistles! Amazing effects, Astounding sounds, Neat tricks and Wicked enhancements provide a unique and exciting,  Role Play Experience. WHO can stand it!

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