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Doctor Mew

oh, and if you are waiting with baited breath for Gally One in's a partial info update via my email box with the list of whosits... Go to the website below for more INFO!

Email Newsletter for "Gallifrey One's Network 23"
The Twenty Third Annual North American DOCTOR WHO Celebration
February 17-19, 2012
Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

Facebook: gallifreyone
Twitter: gallifreyone or hashtag: #gally
Discussion Forum at Gallifrey Base:


The current registration rate of $70 for the entire weekend is still
available until next week, on August 31.  As of September 1, that rate
will go up to $75 (and eventually rise to $90 at the door), so take
advantage of the savings and register for the convention!  Your
registration allows you complete access to the entire convention
throughout the weekend (excluding only the sold-out guest brunch and
autographs from our sponsored & local actor guests).  Registration for
ages 12-17 is still $35 for the weekend; children under 12 are free with a
paid adult.  Per-day registration will be available on site only.

Remember: that is currently $70 for the ENTIRE WEEKEND, three days of tons
of Doctor Who guests, programming, events and more!


We have had four separate major guest block announcements over the past
few months... already, still six months out, we have one of the largest
Doctor Who guest lineups at a North American convention in many years.
Here's a sample of who you can expect at the convention, all of them
confirmed as of August 2011:

* PAUL McGANN, the Eighth Doctor
* CAMILLE CODURI, Jackie Tyler (first Gallifrey One appearance!)
* MARK SHEPPARD, Canton Everett Delaware from "The Impossible Astronaut" &
"Day of the Moon" (first Gallifrey One appearance!)
* LOUISE JAMESON, Leela (who is bringing her one-woman show "Pulling
Faces" to our convention on Friday night!)
* WILLIAM RUSSELL, Ian Chesterton from the William Hartnell era (first
Gallifrey One appearance!)
* MAUREEN O'BRIEN, Vicki from the William Hartnell era (first Gallifrey
One appearance!)
* MARY TAMM, the original Romana
* RICHARD FRANKLIN, Captain Mike Yates
* TONY CURRAN, Vincent van Gogh from series 5's "Vincent and the Doctor"
(first Gallifrey One appearance!)
* FRAZER HINES, Jamie McCrimmon, his fourth consecutive appearance at
Gallifrey One
* DAPHNE ASHBROOK & YEE JEE TSO, Dr. Grace Holloway & Chang Lee from the
1996 TV Movie
* NICHOLAS BRIGGS, the voice of the Daleks
* TOBY HAYNES, director of five episodes: "The Pandorica Opens" through
"Day of the Moon"
* RICHARD SENIOR, director of the forthcoming episode "Let's Kill Hitler"
on August 27
* BARNABY EDWARDS, the new series' principal Dalek operator as well as an
actor, director & writer for Big Finish
* BETH CHALMERS & LISA GREENWOOD, who play new companions Raine Creevey
and Philippa "Flip" Jackson for Big Finish
* CHARLIE ROSS, actor and comedian who brings his popular Doctor Who
comedy performance to our convention
* MICHAEL TROUGHTON, son of Patrick Troughton and author of his biography
* JANE ESPENSON, DORIS EGAN & JOHN SHIBAN, writers for the current
"Torchwood: Miracle Day" series
* PHILIP SEGAL, Executive Producer of the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie
* JAKE McGANN, Paul McGann's son and actor who plays Alex Campbell (Susan
Foreman's son) for Big Finish
* GARY RUSSELL, script editor for The Sarah Jane Adventures
* PHIL FORD, writer and producer for The Sarah Jane Adventures
* JASON HAIGH-ELLERY, executive producer and founder of Big Finish
(colorist) and DENTON TIPTON (editor) at IDW Comics

And there are many more - check out our website for full details.  We'll
be adding local science & SF media guests in the next few months as well,
making 2012 a year to remember!


In early July we announced that the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel was
sold out for our 2012 convention.  Our function hotel has filled up
predominantly with Gallifrey One attendees who took advantage of both the
low $100/night convention rate as well as the comparably-priced hotel
regular rack rate that was available in April, May and June.  We were
quite surprised (to say the least!) that our hotel sold out seven months
before the convention... but of course there are plenty of places nearby
to stay if you haven't yet gotten a hotel room and would like to.

Our website's hoteling section lists a number of reasonably-priced options
including several hotels that are adjacent to ours (the Renaissance
Montura, the Crowne Plaza and the LAX Hilton among others).  While we do
not have agreements with them, the pricing of these hotels is extremely
reasonable and comparable to the original convention hotel rate... but you
have to act now!  Visit the convention website and click in the Hotel
section - we have some recently updated details about each hotel.  Please
note that the Renaissance, Crowne Plaza and LAX Hilton are all adjacent to
our hotel and are less than a five minute walk; cheaper options such as
the Travelodge and Holiday Inn exist, but are a bit further away.

We want to reassure people that all is not lost if you can't get into the
convention hotel!  Plenty of people stayed at the Crowne Plaza last year
and enjoyed the convention immensely.  Meanwhile, if you're looking for a
potential roommate who already has a hotel room, or if you have one and
would like to open it up to people to save money, we'd invite you to visit
the Gallifrey One section of the Gallifrey Base Doctor Who discussion
forum, the largest and best Doctor Who forum on the Internet -- there are
roommate-finder threads there.  (It's membership-accessible only, but
joining is free!)


What can you expect this year?  Here's just a sample of the great stuff we
have planned:

* Panels, Q&As and interviews in the main ballroom, all weekend long
* Three additional panel tracks: our live commentaries & presentations
hall; the discussion panel program; and the auxiliary track which includes
science programming, cosplay programming & tribute panels.
* Sunday's Bob May Memorial Charity Auction
* Two video rooms
* A fully stocked Dealers Room and a fantastic Art Show
* Live tapings of the Radio Free Skaro and Doctor Who Podshock podcasts
* Blood drive for the American Red Cross
* Live Commentaries on selected episodes
* Kaffeeklatsches with selected guests on Saturday/Sunday
* Louise Jameson performing her one-woman show "Pulling Faces" on Friday
night in the main ballroom
* Saturday night's Masquerade Of Mandragora costume show, with the
"half-time" entertainment (while the guests judge) featuring famed Doctor
Who comedian Charlie Ross in his North American debut
* Mysterious Theatre 337: The After-Hours Special Edition, this year's
adult-themed installment of the famous Doctor Who performance show
* Friday night's Gallifrey One gala theme party
* Karaoke on Saturday night, all night long, and a disco dance on Friday
* ... and so much more!


Gallifrey One's website at is kept up-to-date at all
times with all the latest information about the convention. 

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