Monday, July 18, 2011

a tiny presence....

Tinies are everywhere in world whether they be chubby lil critters, ponies, odd ball creations/creatures or teensie minis and micros....but what of the Whovian sims? One may be lucky enough to run into a tiny Dalek bent on small scale destruction, K-9, a wandering adipose, or a tiny tom or two and there are a few tiny sized consoles and accessories out there. Are you perhaps one? If so feel free to share info on sci fi tiny friendly places in world or a photo of you traveling through time and space. (In world to Nyx Malaspina.) And please say Hewwoooo!, when you visit Who Island!

A place of interest for Bigs and Tinies is  the Tiny International Space Station in orbit over the Raglan Galaxy sim..the coolest station I know side from our own Vega Station on Who Island.
Tiny Tom Avedon and Piggles Malaspina visited just the other day....

Bar, ready rooms, quarters, movie theatre, garden, weird gadgets and cool tiny stuff.

Zero gravity room!

Space Dock with a view of the universe.


Memorial garden.
Oops--there is no O2 in space!

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And if you every wondered how Tiny Nyx powers the secondary console room....

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