Monday, July 18, 2011

Over the next couple of days the WITS hippovendors will be going offline to be replaced with the better more lag friendly Caspervends. If you have a store with our vendors please contact Gazz O'Toole in world. (Group members should have already gotten this message in world with replacement vendors)
      Thank you.

We had a great weekend raising money to help fight CANCER! Who Island was privileged to hang with the folks in Katrina at their epic booth are some fotos submitted by Rowan. Twas too laggy for me to take any, so thanks Lady!

It was fun, funny and frenzied as we all tried to line up to make the a teensy dalek I kept getting lost under big dalek "skirts" and being sent into orbit.....but thankfully my balloon animal survived and lots of $$ was raised in astounding amount. I hope you all picked up the special Whovian items on sale!

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