Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who Island Mall--For all your Time Lord needs!

Resident teen heart throb, Stardust Steampunk, recently did a tour of the Who Island Mall...

In the market for necessities like additional consoles and exteriors...

He was gratified to find vendors for a variety of systems both on the surface of WI and up in Vega Station.

However, accessories soon distracted him, like  the spiffy Chameleon Arch watch,

and a fedora...fedoras are kewl....

and a new pair of trainers.

Hmm, Silurian females are supposedly very good with those.

He recalled the 90's fondly.

Worm Holes do come in handy...

The sign says: More upstairs.
Not the Wurlitzer of Wonder from Inverness!!!

And once you've spent your wages, there's them freebies.

"How do I look? Terrific!"
The Who Island Mall is up on Vega Station, tp-able from the main hub on the Island and other tp pads or you can just click here for the slurl.  Look for current sale prices in the Sartorial Time Vendors.

Currently, vendor space is available in the Mall. If you are interested please drop a notecard or IM Tristan Avedon or talk to the friendly Who Island staff.

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