Thursday, October 21, 2010

Revamped Who Island Sky Mall, Club, Parking, Hub, Arena-Huzzah!

What's that you've heard?  Who Island has created a spanking new, one stop, space station-megaplex for visitors and residents to enjoy where:
Turbo lifts speed you to: the Sky Mall in the round, spacious Hub compartments for those who wish to rent a Tardis, an in door parking garage (no more messy alien goo on the viewer screen of your Police Box), 2 arenas to battle to your hearts content (or impaled) and a spectacular Night Club for partying like it's 19million and 99!

Yep, there is a whole world going on above New New York, and it will be opening this SUNDAY! Woooootttttttt!
The Vega Station -- a haven for gamblers, art lovers and duty-free shoppers
And now for the official announce info:

Sunday, Oct 24th, will be the grand opening of the new Vega Station on Who Island. A bustling space station containing rental units, two combat arenas, a new mall, TARDIS parking, and a club, Vega station will provide entertainment to our residents and an improved shopping experience for our customers.

Very important information about  Who Island Group Members TARDIS parking:

The old TARDIS park will be removed Tuesday, October 26th.  If you currently have a TARDIS parking space in the old park, please relocate it to a new spot in the new Vega Station TARDIS park before then. Here is the slurl to the new TARDIS park.

The opening celebration will be Sunday October 24th starting at 12 pm SL Time. The party will be in the new club on the ground level of the space station. There will be dancing, DJ's, and lots of cool WITS prizes (including a couple of Crypt consoles among other items). The party will go until you cant take it anymore (officially until 6pm SL Time, but we're pretty flexible when it comes to celebrating something new and exciting like this). 

From the TARDIS park, you can access the other levels of the station using the lift.

-The Maldovarium Night Club
-The Hub (Very cool concept, rent your own TARDIS for $100 L per week!)
-The Combat Arena  (Two levels, currently containing Sentinels, Zombies, and a couple of wicked archers...targets will be changed periodically, and of course open combat between patrons is encouraged!)

**For those interested in renting HUB space or a spot in the MALL, please IM or send a notecard to Tristan Avedon. **

The Staff of Who Island & W.I.T.S. hope you will enjoy visiting Vega Station as much as we enjoyed building it. We hope to see all of you at the Grand Opening party this weekend!

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