Tuesday, February 15, 2011

out of the loopdeeloop

Hey folks, your fearless Nyxie has been dealing with some Real Life junque, so that explains the lack of postings....but you must all know by now about the PRO SYSTEM in the WITS Line of TTCs. Hands on control of your Tardis, fab new consoles and exteriors. If not, get yee to the demo pad via the WITS store on Who Island. It has to be operated to be believed! The 11th Hour Pro is a stunning little number, grab a leggy red headed companion and go go go!

This weekend is Gallifrey One in Los Angeles, home of La Nyx when she ain't in world. So I will have much to say and to post after the weekend. STAY TUNED. I will be wearing a silly hat because when in Rome.


If you are attending and wish to grab a coffee while there, feel free to send me a note in world.

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