Friday, February 18, 2011

Doctor Who: Moving Right Along

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  1. Nyx's Jamie moment. I and a 2 others got into the lift of the hotel (one I have been to for many a co) and were confused about what button to press for the basement (they had a large button that read ballrooms-which was the basement button) so while we stood there going murmee murmee murmmee. Frazier Hines enters the lift saying is this going to the third floor and we don't recognize him and say, nope we are going downstairs as we stair confusedly at the buttons and he gives us this "oh you poor idiots look" and says: YOu may want to press something and by the way your arrow is pointing up. :) We assure him that we are going down he pops into the next elevator with a cheery wave and suddenly I say: DAMN, Jamie thinks we are idiots! then I hit the ballroom button and got to the basement LMAO.