Monday, October 4, 2010


2 exciting new offerings from W.I. Timeline Systems:
a gorgeous Asian inspired Police Box!
 ☆★☆ By the talented Disarieal Bruhl and Super Jansma, an exquisite, intricate 18 prim exterior known as the Oriental is perfect for a tea ceremony, some bonsai pruning AND keeping Tardis attacking ninjas at bay!

and the modular add-on you have all been waiting for!!!!
☆★☆ And for you creative types, WITS Modular Room & Hallway Set brings your TARDIS limitless add-on room and hallway options. Designed by Ashara!

Prices listed are retail, remember there is currently a 25% discount at the W.I.T.S. main-store 
in New New York/Who Island. Buy now and save big!!

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