Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween is a busy time for this witch in RL...BUT

that doesn't mean you all didn't have a spookiclicious time in world and on Who Island....Yep, while poor lil Nyx was tramping through a graveyard getting mud on her trailing gown....you were partying without her--
AND winning a WITS TTC for best in costume!

Snapshots courtesy of Tristan Avedon who spun his magic web of tuneage at the Maldovarium Club on Vega Stationt on Devil's Night (10/3010)!

and alls I got to do was stay in with the cat....sniff! sniff!
Note for those grimly fiendish Whovians out there, The Haunted Who House and Visitor Crypt will remain up through  Nov. 8th on Nyx-Space between Stonehenge and the Sea on Who Island.

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  1. Nyx reminds me of a female Alice Cooper (intended as a compliment as im a big alice cooper fan)