Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a wee bit more steam on sale....

This just in, our W.I.T.S. Mall merchant, TEMPEST, Inc. has a variety of low prim and fine looking Steam and Whovian accessories to tempt those caught in the steampunk swirl.

Now on sale at Tempest Inc.'s booth in Who Island Mall is a beautiful scripted Steampunk Tesla style Radio! Great for Time Lords, & Time Ladies who love steampunk. Scripted to play the full song of "Somewhere Beyond the Sea", has sculptie light bulbs, even shows the inner workings of the radio in back. 11 prims only. Price 150L!

Here's another cute little gadget that would look lovely in let's say an 11th Doctor's Tardis? or just about anyplace a Whovian calls call home: a Doctor Who, scripted telly with wood cabinet for only 100L.

 The Tempest Inc. booth offers a variety of other steam/victorian timey whimey products from Doctor Who art to complete steampunk homes. There's also a freebie box, so while you are perusing the shops in the Mall stop by and grab yours.

Who Island Mall

Booths for rent are available in the Who Island Mall. If you are merchant or what to be, contact Tristan Avedon in world.

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