Monday, September 6, 2010


Yet another ironically named made up holiday is upon us here in the States/New New York. The last free weekend of Summer before one goes back to school (if you were accepted and not dropped due to budget cuts) or work (if you haven't gotten laid off)...oh hell, who am I kidding....just another Monday as far as I'm concerned!

Still if you view it as the last lazy day of Summer and the end of a 3 day's golden. We even had SUN today on the Left Coast...fancy THAT!

The Island has been quiet, I suggested in group chat that folks send me snapshots of how they spent their labor free labor post here. (Any Who Island Snaps-PG or G rated please-may be sent to Just be sure to IM me in -world that you I don't check that e-mail addy as much as I should...BAD NYX!

I spend part of my day revisiting New Who Monsters in preparation for the very spooky month of October in which we plan may just be overrun with scary monsters and super creeps...or perhaps that disgusting pumpkin shaped candy. It's a toss up. Which got me to thinking about the evolution of Who Monsters from stiff zip up the back to our present day Angels and CGI wonders.

Which Who Monsters Scared the Bejeebus outta you this past season?
And who or what would you like to see return in the near future? 
May as well send your votes to the above e-mail as well....that will make sure I check it!

And now here is how 2 of New New York's residents spent their holiday weekend....
hmm noob riding and moonshine--shouldn't mix, but heck it's a holiday!
I read the newspaper...
Until I realized this guy was a shrimper!!! YIKES!

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