Saturday, September 25, 2010


The month of October is sure to be a scary one round the Old New Island. New New York resident and witch, Nyx Malaspina, has opened her doors to guests for the month of October. Yep, that creepy old house near the shore beckons. How can you resist? No rezzing of items, no disturbing of the peace, and please leave things as you found em, it is after all her...home. If you disturb the dead...they will haunt you and/or you run the risk of being booted, banned and eaten.  There is also a hidden point to her Crypt TTC  (if you can find  it) for any who would like a tour.  Visitors could run into a scary monster or super creep while you are looking about, so be sure to have your affairs in order before visiting NYXSPACE.

And if that is not enough look for more creepy ass sh*te appearing all over Haunted Who Island and a spooktacular W.I.T.S. special. MUUWAAAHHHHAAAAHHHHH...ack ack...cough. :)

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