Thursday, August 5, 2010

Xmas in July? Howzabout Halloween in August!!

or all year round for that matter. Are you like me--a trifle macabre, a tad creepy? Do you like to fly your broomstick, bare your fangs, conjure an imp or two? Heck, do you never use the word HECK when you can say HELL? Than W.I.T.S.  has a spooky, gothy, bewitching TARDIS console & exterior for you and your evil minions....mmooooowwwaaaahhhhhhaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 The Crypt TCC is a spooktacular dungeon, perfect for the time traveling needs of all you vamps, monsters, undead and demons out there (you know who you are!) or at least those maudlin goth kids in your homeroom.

It has so many fiendish features besides the usual W.I.T.S. goodies, such as the shrieks of the tormented and howls of the lycanthrope, billowing fog, flickering torches, bone controls and your very own skeleton in the rotor! PLUS it comes with a unique exterior, The Grave, that opens up to reveal the remains of some forgotten ancestor--just in time for Dia De Los Muertos! WoooHooo!

Here's a satisfied customer:

Vampirella sez: I wouldn't be caught alive or fully clad without my comfy Crypt!
The Crypt is perfect for seasonal haunting or all year round and if you would like an additional exterior to enhance your experience--medieval's one option. 
The Gothic PB comes with sweet-uh, I mean, ghastly skully details!
Both The Crypt TTC and The Gothic exterior can be purchased in the W.I.T.S. Mainstore in New New York on Who Island!

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