Tuesday, August 10, 2010

***Shop Who Island***

Zorp can't wait to blow his paycheck at the W.I. Mall!
We strive to make your visit to New New York as one stop as possible,
so check out the fine shopping on Who Island!

Our ground level stores:
W.I.T.S. Main-store (Roman Temple)
Dalekanium & Temporal Architects (Stonehenge)
are hard to miss,
BUT just a tp pad/slurl away is


                                        featuring these fine vendors...
                                          * Hands of Omega
                                          * New London Systems
                                          * Novatech
                                          * Simply Designed
                                          * Tempest Inc.
                                          * Time Lord Tenn's
                                          * Vortex Systems
                                          * W. I. Timeline Systems Demo pad/vendor
                                             and more!

If you are a vendor interested in renting space in our mall,
please contact Tristan Avedon.

Note: the best way to contact the Who Island Staff is in-world. I don't check the blog e-mail as much as I ought. :)

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