Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Hair for your Sci Fi look!

The 2013 SL Hair Fair ends on Sunday and if you haven't gotten a chance to cruise the sims to buy discounted hair and PICK UP USEFUL FREEBIES &/or 1L CHEAPIES, then get on over before it's too late.

Details about the Fair (which is a charity event for Wigs for Kids!) are HERE .

Slurls tend to plop you at the staging area for each sim (as you can not tp direct to shops). Still, it's easy to follow your beacon to the shop of choice  if you are in low lag mode. They even provide a free lagless outfit to scoot around in. 

As an avid hunter I am always on the look out for costume hair that might complete a sci fi look. If you RP in the Who or other Sci Fi sims, here are a giftees that will save you dough! Note: several of these are 1L purchases BUT they are usually color packs with hair bases. Hair bases are a must, if you don't wear them, try them and see how much better your avi looks. Additional gifts are make-up packs, jewelry, poses and clothes. AND for the lads, there are a few unisex hair packs worth the trip.

Here are just a few of the Sci Fi apropos looks I scored, and you can too!
Modern Times (in a tons of startling and natural hues) can be had at the Cloud sim

Click on the booth link below!

   Bliensen + MaiTai

Nothing screams alien like green! This style can be tint modded and comes with attachable bows.

Hair 012 in green available at Eep at the Brickness Sim

Can you tell that I like bobs for that retro 60's/Futuristiclook? This one called Lova comes in over 30 colors!

To be Queen of the Mods go to Amacci Hair at The Port Sim.

Amacci Hair

Then there is futuristic 40's glam in shades of black, red, blond, brunette and white for all the Replicants out there!
The Hourglass Fatpack from Loovus Dzevavor  Hair at Cloud Sim

Dystopian future? Try this Emo look called Pythoness-good on guys too!
 This is packaged with a similar stylishly-messy bob called Toffsy, both from Adoness at Port Sim

***For another huge box of Guy Emo hair grab the gift at  Colors at Brickness!***

I've been showing mainly mesh hair but there is an amazing non mesh style that I think is a must have!

Alison from EMO-tions (Cloud Sim) comes in brown and black!

Miamai Janetta in a plethora of colors!
 MiaMai at Brickness

The Stringer Museum is known for their off the wall styles and colors...

but this mega pack of over 50 rainbow shades is perhaps the best weird ass alien Freebie at the Fair.

Fingers Fortune comes in BOTH regular and Petite hair packs and is mod!

Get it at  The Stringer Museum booth at Port Sim  
Holy 80's video moment, Bat Man!

 Bad Hair Day comes with a built in animation from  Hair Studio One at Brickness

You will encounter other non mesh hair that is not so successful.  A cool idea from Bizarre Hair that comes in many color options but even though it hoots fire.....Ugh, just a mess! 

The Dragon from Bizarre Hair at Hair Fair 2, Port Sim.

And who needs hair when you are Cat Woman?
These purrfectly wonderful mesh masks from Mina Hair at Cloud Sim come in several shades of latex AND you can wear them with hair!

Enjoy the hair fair and their designer discounted items for a good cause as well as the many freebies/cheapies to enhance your SL experience!

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