Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sly McCoy at Gally 1!

"Guest Update: We are delighted to announce two new Doctor Who related guest confirmations for our 2013 convention. SYLVESTER McCOY, the seventh Doctor and soon to be seen as Radagast the Brown in the new Peter Jackson film trilogy based on the J.R.R. Tolkien novel The Hobbit, will be joining us for a very special guest appearance at the convention in a visit sponsored by Alien Entertainment/ChicagoTARDIS. Originally, we had not planned to have a Doctor at our 2013 convention (due to circumstances, not deliberate intention), but just over a month ago, our good friend Gene Smith, long-time Gallifrey One dealer and owner of the business that runs our sister convention, worked out a deal to bring him to us. Sylvester will be appearing on stage several times to talk about both his current film work as well as his appearances on Big Finish's audio range, and will be signing at select times in the Dealers Room at the Alien Entertainment table.

We are also very happy to welcome MICHAEL JAYSTON for his first-ever appearance at Gallifrey One. Jayston joined the classic Doctor Who series as a regular for the twenty-third season, the landmark "Trial of a Time Lord" serial, as the Valeyard - both the prosecutor of the Doctor as well as his future regeneration, and ultimately as the season's primary villain. Jayston later returned to the role in Big Finish Productions' audio series "Unbound" opposite Bonnie Langford in the story "He Jests at Scars". We are pleased to welcome Michael for his first visit to our convention."

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