Friday, October 19, 2012

Have you been to Liberty Island yet??

Seriously, we have made great and exciting changes to Who Island! Use the main sim landing point and check out Liberty Island: the near-replica of  Liberty Island in New York harbor with a humorous and slightly scary Whovian twist. But don't be afraid, our Angels are well in hand and the Lady Liberty statue encases a new and improved meeting spot, WITS shop, mall, game room and Maldovarium Nightclub...not to mention your own group Tardis Park! On the Island itself, you'll find cozy meeting spots, boating, fishing, mopeds, shops and attractions and Whovian freebies. Oh my and a Beer Garden just in time for October! Thanks to WITS designer Ashara and the Who Island Staff and Renters for making it all possible.

Here's a bit more info on the model for the island for the curious...

Click here to visit WAFL Island!

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