Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Changes in New New York!

Those who will be tping onto Who Island will be astonished to find that WE HAVE REGENERATED! Long time plans for a sim revamp have kicked in this week and we have transformed into an actual island, one based on a very real place: Liberty Island in New York Harbor. Upon arrival visitors will find themselves steps away from the base of the Statue of Liberty herself (well--just don't blink)!

The staff is committed to presenting a more unified sim that will encourage Whovians in Second Life to gather, chat, relax, shop, club and play. Past Role Play areas and Space Station Vega has been decommissioned for the time being, however there are exciting things in the works, SO...

The WITS store, Who Island Tardis Park have been relocated to ground level and other stores and attractions willsoon follow suit. Group Members: be sure to snag your new Tardis Parking Spot in the Lot under Lady Liberty!

I (Nyx) will still set up temporary theme areas at undisclosed locations and send out lms....the Haunted Who House is on it's way!

All Sim Rules remain as regards, tping onto home sims and littering, btw.

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