Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heavens to Mergatroid! What is this strange new ship I have materialized in?

And what is that ticking sound?

Stairs leading up? I must investigate!

Do I smell huon energy? Could it be!!

A Time and Relative Dimensions in Space-craft--made by Rolex?

*wolf whistle* Lookit that beauty of a console.

Precision craftsmanship, engines humming with power AND it's so HUGE!

Hmm, what does this button do?

Ah! It looks deathly cold out there. Is that not Lord Ha-Ha's Fluffy Nebula?

I need to sit down for a sec-luckily a comfy couch is nearby.
Third level Terminal? Why I could scan the grid, program in coordinates

AND shop on-line from here!
A library of epic proportions with 2 more comfy couches.

Hmmh, there's another level, I should take the lift up to the attic & poke around.
The perfect cage for my fluffy cockatoo or....
a nice little spot for the Eye of Harmony!

Hmm, think I need to adjust the decibels on the imbalance.

My stars! How time doth fly and wibble and wobble.....well, at least I know what time it is in Cardiff!

The Time Piece Pro, and it's available for 1600L. Its permissions are: COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.
Created by marvin makarov. Complete with Hud, Sonic, exterior and copyable Rezzer pad.
Available NOW at the WITS main store on Who island and a WITS affiliate near you!

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