Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Doctor Who "Movie"- Fact or Fantasy?

Steven Moffat dismisses wild talk of a "Doctor Who Movie" as "weird fantasy".

According to a news article on the BBC's own website, the Moff seems to confirm fairly clearly that no "Doctor Who Movie" is currently on the agenda.  

Mr. Moffat also takes the time to assert that, were such a thing to be considered in the future, which he does not rule out, it would star the current active Doctor on television- and be run from the Cardiff production office - seeming to rule out a number of the active Net- and Second Life chatter- rumours of a 'Hollywoodised' "reimagining" (a term which this blogger always associates somewhat with Ben Elton's definition of "develop" in the property developer sense), with teenaged Doctor romps on Gallifrey, or whatever the latest scaremongery of the week might have been.

Of course, this is Steven Moffat we're talking about here, a gent who makes no bones about viewing misleading the press as being a good way of getting around spoilers (a defence which one thinks a number of politicians might have liked to use re: their expenses claims :- "Why didn't you declare your second home / duck island / luxury private gerbil?"  "Spoilers!" ) - so perhaps it may be premature to declare the "Movie" myth entirely dead- but, perhaps, resting, and pining for the fjords...

For the record, here's a link back to last December, and Mr. Moffat and Friends' reactions back about the time the most recent movie rumours began to surface.

Rumours that the lovely Rory is actually a time-travelling robotic assassin sent back from a post-apocalyptic future where the Movie came to pass, in order to change history so that it never happened have been hotly denied by nobody.

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