Sunday, May 20, 2012

Way too many SL PODSHOCK AFTERSHOCK PARTY pitchas--->

Yes, it was the usual Mayhem up on Vega Station following the Podshock Meetup and Mod Job contest!

In honor of Victor1st's week-long suffering as David Tennant Fangirl, I thought why the hell not?
Oh, yeah. That's why. OUCH!
All kinds of....peeps ? were in attendance....

Sexy Ladies...

pretty little wallflowers....
Even Louis Trapani graced us with an inworld appearance!

and best of all!, DJ Barbie Avedon straight outta the Malibu Beach House ROCKED US!

Hey Kylie.....start dancing or I'll take an artistic shot of you....
At least that got her dancing!

Not to mention a few others of Scottish persuasion....

Oof, damn that Amy Pond!

He's a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World....and Shim can work the pole!

This is how she works off lumps of fat btw.

HI LOUIS! (He's found the bar you see... :) )

Send me others in world if you took em...otherwise remember one thing and one thing only....

It was a good week for the races....(and the Who Fans!)

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