Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Tree Grows PRO! & an "Epoque" Exterior!

As summer approaches don't you want to enjoy a nice picnic in the park. Perhaps relax by a broad branched tree and swing like you did as a child?....OH, and travel through time, space and dimensions?

Well, Who Island Timeline Systems is happy to announce the return of an old favorite updated to PRO and  sculptified via the designing mind of Ashara. The ultimate stealth exterior and fun place to play....

THE TREE!!! (Squirrels not included.)
 The Belle Epoque (or late Victorian period in the UK) was a time of high style, ornate craftsmanship and civic duty. Police Boxes were a handy little place for the constabulary to hang their hats, have a cuppa and store a miscreant: of course some might be hiding a bit of  alien technology behind a gorgeous facade.

Thus, WITS presents the darkly decadent, yet highly practical, Belle Epoque exterior designed by the Baroness Thursday. (Can you hear me: "Squeeing!" from here?)

Now on sale at the WITS shops and affiliate vendors. See my teaser snapshots 2 blogs down or better yet check them out soon in the demo rezzer or NOW at the Rift Rezzer on Who Island!

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS ONE, inspired by the first ever police box in 1891!

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