Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday the 13th B-Day/Rez Day....

Yes, I'm posting this late as always but a belated Happy April 13th B-Day for the lovely gent in the photo!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Davidson! And many, many more!

And I "Nyx Malaspina" had my third Rez Day...only 3? it seems like longer...we had some fun at the Maldovarium and I must thank Tristan Avedon for djaying and hosting with some of my favorite tunes for a rather Gothic Dreamy Grimly Fiendish sort of night. Smoochees to all you lovely peoples who attended!

 Here's a few snaps from dear Rowan Thursday and thanks for the Babbage folk who popped by after, sorry didn't capture your souls but my high arc gown was playing havoc with my photography.

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