Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Real Time Lords wear liner!

Our own darlin gell, Icie Thursday, turned us on to these Time Lord inspired, Fashion for Life Gacha gifts from M.O.C.K. Cosmetics! (check out their blog).

Of course you know I had to's for a good cause and only 20L each! I am modeling the Amelia Pond.

They also have a "SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY" FULL MAKE UP for only a wee bit more. It's great that Mocksoup is such a Who fan/fashionista! These RFL goodies are transferable, so you can trade with friends or pick up a nice little giftee for a lovely time lady/lord (you know I dig boys in make up).
 Fashion For Life is only going on for a limited time, so go here to check out this and other items on sale NOW!

I've also heared that there is a freebie time lord hat in the Steam 6 keep your eyes peeled for Who inspired goodies in world and let me know...I'll post them here!


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