Monday, August 8, 2011


Who Island now has a neighbor, Kasterborous has joined us on the west side and is under developement.  For info on available plots to rent,  please contact Ezarhon VanDouser!

Here's the FACTS--take note!  

Group Notice From: Who Island, Ezarhon VanDouser

Due to kind permision of the WITS crew I am herein posting the rates of rent for a spot in Kasterborous.

Parcelled land is 2L/prim per week, availability due to demand and size.

Skybox spots are simply rezzed rooms above the Kasterborous main sim at a rate of 1.5L/prim per week.

A Security orb is included in all rentals , also I am using the CasperLet system that has a rent meter and prim count display.

Contact me Ezarhon VanDouser if you have questions or wish a spot. If I am offline just send an IM.

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