Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fright Night Drops tomorrow in Theatres NYX QUICK REVIEW

But I got to go to a the last minute last night. NOBODY famous was there it was one for reviewers. (as you know I am prone to miss all the famous people who surround me in the recent filmings of Torchwood a block from my NYXIE)

So I suppose I should toss out my OPINE.... 3 and 1 broken FANG out of 4!
1. I hate 3 D for no reason. Having weak vision just makes it stupid to wear goggles over your glasses.
2. If you don't hate 3D then you will prolly like it the things popping out at you--but I still think make up FX would have been a better choice at times. update: I WENT again last night with me feller for the 2D version, 2D is just as good AND cheaper.
3. Oh hell, you'll prolly like it anyway despite it's flaws like a small lack of character development (the person I went with complained about that though I don't recall a lot of character development in the first one). Peter Vincent's back story was a wee bit expositionally convenient.
4. TENNANT IS I loved Roddy McDowall's turn in the original as I grew up with late night horror of today didn't sadly, so it made sense to make him a David Blane type . Though I really wish HE WAS Chris Angel or Russell Brand in real life. Though he's not Roddy. Tennant was wise to play it as he did and he steals the show...but we knew that. The original Peter Vincent character was sort of a distant father figure to the teenager....David's not so much.
5. They update this about living in Vegas and they capture what that is like in way. Living in Vegas is sort of like living with the undead.Yes, those empty track houses and working at night.
6. really decent casting, Colin Farrel and Tony Collete! but I wish the plot had a bit more meat to stick their teeth into. Especially Collette who was kind of wasted.
7.  surprise nearly steals the show performance by latina actress who pays Peter Vincent's Girlfriend. Hmm, wonder why I felt an affinity.
8. in a sad way everyone is a bit too good looking/polished...the nerdy charm of the original (Not Fright Night 2 which was just BAD) is missing. But it is Vegas and so that makes sense. His nerdy friend from Superbad? is not good looking so that makes up for it. Amy (girlfriend) is a bit too long in the tooth though it is part of the story.  Several fangs up for Colin on that score,  cuzWho- male -female or in between doesn't want to do Colin Farrell even if they tell you otherwise? He's one  SALF! Smoldering A-hole that you'd like to F--wait that sounds really BAD! change that to smoldering bastard that you'd like to F. Sblf?
9. A big budget is nice but towards the end, the epic climax is just the usual tropes of mayhem. The car ride earlier in the film is in a way better. Thrills & Spills of popcorn (well in theory).
10. For a summer film it is fun.....and for a Tennant fan you just have to go and see it and hope they make a spin off film with just his character! MIDORI...tastes like piss? with a whole lot of splenda in it, I reckon. 
11. When the original film came out it was a unique story. That's why it was so cool. Since then everyone has a vampire living next door to them, Hell, I live in L.A. and my neighbors could tell you stories)
12. THERE is a rumor of FN 2 with more Tennant in it!!!
13. FUN LINE: Like a great date! You get me drunk I'll try anything. (Rather Whovian in a way). and David gets a bit commando (not the part about his leather pants)arrives right on time and is up for killing, Snackers!! Best line gos something like: that's a fucked up vampire hand!

Here's two nice little interviews....the first site also has some buzz on the Let's Kill Hitler, upcoming Who Epi.

GOOD PHOTO'S ON THIS ONE! and buzz about missing crotch scenes? LOL

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