Thursday, August 18, 2011

1.5 updates should be rolling out very soon, please update your exteriors in rezzers to get the full features. Rezzer update is optional and should only be done if you wish to use HoO rezzer effects scripts. I will be putting the updates in the vendors soon. than you for you patience.

Group Notice From: Who Island, Gazz Otoole

After a small fight with SL inventory bug, I have managed to get all 1.5 versions of the Pro into the vendors, so if you just cant wait for the auto update, head to the Who Island shop and hit the redelivery terminal. Any problems please IM me (Gazz Otoole) while im still here

Newsflash! The WITS Vendors NOW offer the McGann Police Box Looking Thingee! on it's own to add to your many WITS EXTERIOR CHOICES! and that's a good website btw! Oh and is it just me or would the 8th Doc have made a decent Mr. Rochester?....

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