Thursday, July 14, 2011


Pro System Updates Coming Soon:
~The Pro hud will now be compatable with the smith sonic, which will come free with the pro line consoles.
~Ability to choose what your sonic reacts to (ie: summon, take off, doors, etc...).
~When you summon near a usable rezzer you will get the option to use that rezzer for remote landing.
~The background of the console exit will be compatable with HoO vortex pack;
so you can change the vortex.
~HADS and Phase scripting added to the CCUs.  Phase will use rift energy and if you drain, it will unphase.

Once the updates to the pro system are tested and complete, the new
CCUs will be added to the Solo HUD line.

We encourage you to use the blue suggestion mailbox at the door of the
WITS main store.  Suggestions help us make WITS the system you want.

Just one of the many Pro Line Consoles we have....have you been to our demo rezzer lately?

1 comment:

  1. The pro-system updates look absolutely awesome- I love the sound of the new phase behaviour... and a big, big yay for local-rezzer-summoning!
    (A less big yay for crashing at completely the wrong co-ordinates whilst trying to fly and blog-comment... but, ah, that's life :) )